THURSDAY report by Kumar Dixit

Thursday, we visited the Caanan Orphanage just a few miles from Eden Garden Orphanage that we are working at. Our goal was to survey their water to see how clean it was. Since we have some amazing well drillling experts with us on this trip, we decided to take advantage of their ability. During our visit to Caanan, we met with Pastor Henry, who lives on the campus. His dedication to the kids were so clearly visible, it was remarkable. I was very impressed by the program that they have at Caanan, a superb system, educating, feeding, and providing solid health care for the community which is evident by their buildings and children who are impeccablity dressed and cared for.

During the rest of the day, the well drilling team spent most of their time trying to find the well supplies we had shipped to Haiti a few months back. Everything they needed was in various boxes and buildings scattered throughout the campus. Important tools, wires, and drill bits were slowly found. The current well system that they are using is completely exposed, so that everything and anything can drip into the water supply. As we have learned so quickly, clean water equals healthier kids.

The medical team left for an offside clinic, seeing approximatley 300 patients. Our medical team tagged along with anotherm medical mission group from Tennessee. Ann Roda, Elizabeth Wooster, and Dr. Edmundo Justino spent the entire day in the hot sun, seeing patient after patient. They never had lunch, and ran out of drinking water. After arriving back to Eden Garden, they were famished and exhausted, but had a meal to look forward to and a bed to sleep in tonight. I wonder how many of the patients they saw had these same luxuries?

A funeral service took place this afternoon just outside of Eden Garden. Pastor Kumar attended the processional that took place on Highway One, as a marching band played somberly while hundreds of people lined the streets and walked in the processional.