Thursday, March 4, 2010

After a long day of travel and a good night’s rest, the S.o.S. team hit the ground running on Thursday morning.

The evaluation team explored all the different areas of need for Eden Garden and came up with a good game plan for future mission trips. The drilling team had a frustrating day, after finding out that some of the equipment we had shipped over was incompatible with the drilling rig that was on site. Plans were made to bring in a different rig, which then got a flat tire en route to the orphanage and not able to drive to the site after dark due to lack of headlights. Hopefully, the rig will arrive Friday morning and the drilling process can begin. We are learning how very key it is to have flexibility, realistic expectations and loosely planned time schedules!

Our medical team joined forces with the large group of medical personnel that are also visiting Eden Garden Orphanage this week. This other group includes surgeons, who operated on a baby girl who came in with 6 fingers. The surgery went well and things look good for her. As they were getting ready to close up shop for the day, Glenn Gibb (our resident “bouncer” and keeper of the line and peace) did a scan of the remaining people waiting for medical care – sadly, there are always many, many people that have be turned away each time a clinic is held. Glenn noticed a young boy who did not look well. He escorted this boy over to Pastor/Nurse Ann who took his BP which was 80/50. Ann walked him over to Dr. Justino and Elizabeth Wooster, about 50 feet away. By the time he got there, his BP was falling and his pulse was 185 – he was in trouble. They immediately started an I.V. line in him and diagnosed him with severe Malaria. Thankfully he was able to be spotted and helped.

Well Drillers Danny Easterday and Larry Wooster enjoying the children at Eden Garden Orphanage

Cabaret Medical Clinic - baby with a polydactyl condition. Dr. Charles Wilkins from Jellico, TN and the team removed the extra digit.