FRIDAY - Drilling report from Dave Wooster

The other drilling rig arrived and was on site and ready for us this morning - or so we thought! The first thing we found was there was very little fuel so we had to go buy fuel which cost $200. The rig also had a hydraulic oil leak so we ran out of oil and had to drive to St. Marc where we paid $350 for 25 gallons. Then we bought another $200 worth of fuel so $750 in extra expenses we weren't planning on today, but hopefully we are good to go now. FLEXIBILITY. PATIENCE. DEEP POCKETS.

HANDS TOGETHER sent a great crew of 4 - one driller and 3 helpers, none of who speak English, of course, which obviously makes communications a little difficult as none of our drilling crew speaks French Creole!

In rock drilling, there is a process of adding foam to water down the bore hole which helps carry drill cuttings out of the hole - like soap. This created a large (50'x50') area of foam which the kids thought looked pretty fun to play with. We drilled down 75 feet into the ground today and hope to make more progress next time!

Drilling crew hard at work

Dave watches the kids play in the drilling foam