Sunday, Jan 15, 2012: Medical Team Re-Cap

The medical team decided to hold another clinic there on the orphanage grounds on Sunday, inviting children from a neighboring orphanage and sending word to a nearby village that they could come to the clinic for free treatment. One of our patients was a little girl, (probably 9-10 years old) who had  horrible burns on her leg and foot from cooking oil that had fallen on her.  I heard her cries across the clinic where I was in the pharmacy, and came to see what was going on. I watched as nurses Ed and Elizabeth slowly removed dead skin that was still attached, cleaned out her wound, applied Silvadene burn cream and dressed it. As she wailed in pain, Elizabeth got really close to her comfort her, just as a mother would, assuring her that she would be ok and told her that she was being a brave girl. She returned to the clinic as instructed the next day so that they could re-check her wounds and teach her how to apply her own cream (shown in the picture on far right bottom of collage).