"School Desk Project" by Sean Ryan

There are many experiences that I can write about in the week I spent in Haiti.  I feel EXTREMELY lucky to have been able to experience and work with this great team of people.  The most rewarding about the week for me was seeing the older/younger teams of young men use their skills and abilities to help others at Eden Garden and beyond.  I believe we were able to demonstrate that doing good work on behalf of others ends up in reward and recognition of their efforts.  Mr. Christians’ Monday ceremony with all of the school kids sitting at their new desks was an incredible feeling of pride for me, and I hope, for Nicholas, Gregory, John Weber, Bichard and Merlens.

I feel like the medical team that supported this trip ended up being the unsung heroes.  To see the snapshots is one thing (and they are powerful!), but to watch them in action, healing communities and bringing comfort and hope to people was a beautiful thing.  This was both the hardest and most powerful part of the week for me.  I tip my hat to Elizabeth, Erin, Stacey, Mary and Ed as they are incredible human beings and I am blessed to have spent time with them.

Finally, I would like to personally thank all of the donors who continue to provide for the children of Eden Garden.  I have never been involved in a charitable effort with such transparency, generosity and focus on making sure that the dollars are spent where they can have the largest impact first.  It is to you, the donors, that helped provide the materials and allowed us to make an impact on Eden Garden, the community and for the Ramon family’s damaged home.  The certificate that I received from the principle of Eden Garden Academy  fully belongs to the donors, Eden Garden's board, the fantastic TEAM of individuals on this trip and those fine young men for a job well done all around. Thank you for a fantastic experience!

Sean Ryan
Cisco Systems/Virginia
Trip Participant/Builder