Fri. Jan 13, 2012: Day 4

Friday was a busy dayand there is much to report, but for now I am just going to give you a glimpse of our day with the medical team through these photos. Info and stories to come later!

Clinic location of Ville Seche, Haiti

Patients waiting to be seen in medical clinic
Reading their medical information paper from triage while waiting to be seen
Elizabeth Wooster, R.N. 

Father waiting in line with his sleeping son

 Benny Hass passing out candy to kids waiting to be discharged
These two girls asked me to take their picture
 Betty Wheeler fitting people with reading glasses
David Wheeler serving water to patients waiting for their prescriptions
Misael Henriquez making friends by taking pictures and showing the kids - they love to see pictures of themselves!

"Etienne", quite happy and tickled to be seen by our medical team, nearly danced with Arden on her way out of the clinic!