DAY 7: Tuesday - School Days

We stopped by E.G.O. on our way to the airport to say goodbye, and got to see the kids in their school morning routine for the first time. I saw them fixing their hair, finishing up on some homework, having breakfast, drinking nice, clean water from their new cups we brought over, wiping their faces, singing and praying before heading off to school with their new backpacks and school supplies. There were hugs and tears as we said goodbye and wished them a great day at school like we do with our own kids.

To most of us, this may sound like a regular day and nothing out of the ordinary. However, when you are able to witness what kind of life kids have outside of the walls of Eden Garden, you would see what a better life our kids have at this orphanage. We are so thankful to our director, Jean Claude and his wife Runice who live there and treat these kids as their own - they have made Eden Garden a real family as they are mother and father to 37 kids in addition to their own 2 (who they are separated from as they attend school in Port-au-Prince). They have sacrificed their home and their lives to live in the dorm just like the kids, with very little in the way of comfort. They are doing a job not many would want to do. They are our heroes and we couldn't do this without them.

 Jean Claude (Director) with Dave and Gregory, one of our older boys who has grown up at E.G.O.

Jean Claude, wife Runice and daughter Jayney, a typical teen.
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