FROM MY PERSPECTIVE by Pastor Kumar Dixit

We finally made it to Haiti. After a long ride from the Port au Prince airport, we were reunited with the Eden Garden children whom we have fallen in love with. Hugs and kisses were shared not only by the kids, but the staff who see New Hope as an extention of their family.

We spent several hours working in the hot sun, organizing all of the medicines we carried over in our suitcases.

It was 98 degrees. Not too bad for May.

On Friday, the medical team will open up the clinic to see the first patients of the week. Word has already spread that we are in town. The well drilling team will spend the day fixing some plumbing issues and chech the purification levels of the the new well. There is a huge list of plumbing and electrical projects that will be tackled as well. The well drillers will also spend the day scouting planning for the next well to be drilled in Caberet, a small town not too far from Eden Garden.

Enjoying a drink from the water well our team drilled here in March