Today started out with our medical team being first responders to an accident that happened right out front of the hotel. A Haitian taxi called a "tap-tap" had overturned after hitting a truck. Thankfully, there were just a few minor injuries so our medical team attended to them, cleaning up and bandaging their wounds. One young boy did break his femur so they assessed him, wrote up a report on what happened and what they saw and then paid a driver to take him to the nearest hospital.

We then headed over to Eden Garden and set up the medical clinic where people were already lined up waiting for us. We saw about 130 patients through the medical clinic and about 25 dental patients. Most of what we saw was dehydration, malnutrition, parasites from drinking unclean water, infections, and malaria. The heat was overwhelming (about 103 with 100% humidity) , causing some of our own group to have to use dehydration salts early in the day. We saw a few patients that had come through in March that came in, one of which was the little baby who had a hot kettle of water tip on her and cover her body with burns and was looking so much better. The girl with the tumor in her face/neck also came in and had a tooth pulled.

When we had our discussion tonight after dinner, we talked about how overwhelming the needs and health situation are, and how you wonder if what you're doing even makes an impact or scratches the surface of needs here. Then the little girl with the burns comes through and she looks so much better than she did in March, and you can see a positive result and an impact made that makes it all worthwhile.

Scroll down to see the story and pics from our March visit of this little girl who had burns on 40% of her body and how much better she looks less than 2 months later!Dr. Elsie Joel-Morse in the dental clinic pulling one of 18 teeth the dental team pulled today.

This little baby is probably going to lose her eyesight due to the parasites that have clouded her eye.

 Dr. Leong Koh (Portland, OR) treating a little boy.