"HANDS TOGETHER" Earthquake Report

If you've been following our story, you will remember that we were scheduled to drill 2 water wells in partnership with an organization called HANDS TOGETHER at the orphanage in Montrouis, Haiti. HANDS TOGETHER has an enormous mission to Haiti, not only providing clean water through water well drilling, but feeding and educating 6,700 chilren every day and providing medical care.

The morning after the earthquake, we called their U.S. office to tell them our flight had been cancelled and we would be unable to meet them at the orphanage that day as planned. When Dave asked about their team, he was told that the organization's leaders had flown to Haiti earlier and were there preparing to meet with our mission team that day. She was in tears and told him they had not been heard from since the earthquake hit .

Thankfully, just minutes later, she called us back to report that they received news that these men were alive and safe. However, others in their organization have been lost as well as families of their local team. To read the stoy of what they experienced during the earthquake, to see what their plans are for Haiti and to donate to their mission, visit http://www.handstogether.org/

Photos courtesy of HANDS TOGETHER