Haiti Update 1/22/09

We are happy to report that Charles LeMorzellec (Eden Garden Orphanage director) was able to get his wife Gigi on a flight out of the Dominican to the U.S. and she is now safely home. Charles has stayed behind to continue to help at the orphanage in Montrouis for the time being.

Thank you to all those who have already donated to S.o.S. HAITI's goal of trying to raise $200,000 to help with the immediate and future needs of the Eden Garden Orphanage and its surrounding community of Montrouis. So far, $26,000 in donations have been received and we were able to wire some of those funds to the orphanage this week. After some frustrating days, Charles was finally able to get to the funds which was difficult with banks being closed in Haiti and funds being unavailable to distribute by local electronic wiring companies, even though the money was in the system. Charles was only able to retrieve the funds after we re-routed them to the Dominican where he drove to put his wife on the plane home.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN RAISING FUNDS FOR THE EDEN GARDEN ORPHANAGE! So far, those raised monies have gone to purchase food and water for the 240 orphanage and school children, E.G.O. staff members and their families. E.G.O. estimates that it has enough food and water to supply the needs of this group for the next 30 days.

Although our primary committment is to the Eden Garden Orphanage, the mayor of Montrouis has already reached out to E.G.O. for aid for supplying tents, water and food for refugees that have been arriving daily. When additional funds are available, E.G.O. will then be able to extend its reach to this community.