Magdalene's Mom

Saturday, we treated Magdalene , an adorable little girl who lives at E.G.O. and whose mom lives close by with her other children. She had approached Charles for help in St. Marc (a few towns away) and he then moved her to Montrouis near E.G.O. so that he could help her more easily. Charles said all that she owned was a rug and 3 pots and pans.

While we were treating Magdalene, her mom was standing a ways away, looking despondent and detached. We weren't aware of her living situation at the time, but after learning who she was, Glenn invited her over. While Dave finished applying the anti-fungal cream to Magdalene's legs, her mom started talking to Kelly (one of the boys who was interpretering for us), who then informed us that she had told him that she sometimes "feels crazy and wants to kill her children". Whoa.

After asking a few questions, Elizabeth determined that she was suffering from Pellagra, which is caused by lack of niacin (Vitamin B3). Pellagra is classically described by "the four D's": diarrhea, dermatitus, dementia, and death. Other symptoms include aggression, red skin lesions, insomnia, weakness and mental confusion. This happened because her diet, like so many others, is so lacking in required vitamins and nutrients.

Thankfully we had a nice supply of vitamins (Thank you, vitamin donors!) and we were able to give her a year's supply.

The miracles we saw here:
1) That Magdalene's mom was at E.G.O. when we were treating her daughter which was a spontaneous event that we hadn't planned on.
2) That Glenn felt "the nudge" to invite her over to where we were treating Magdalene when we weren't even aware of the family connection.
3) That she felt safe and comfortable enough to confide in Kelly.
4) Given her mental state, that she was aware enough of her "bad feelings" to know that they were wrong and that she needed help.
5) That Elizabeth was able to diagnose her condition
6) That we had the vitamins that she needed (we ran completely out of vitamins on Tuesday.

Elizabeth told her that she should start feeling better in as little as 2 days. She is pictured above on Tuesday, with a smile on her face. Based on her disposition and responses on Tuesday, she is feeling much better and we are hopeful that a simple vitamin (along with God's divine intervention) will help her to continue to care for her children. When asked how she was feeling, she gave a thumbs up!