Eden Garden Orphanage Information

Eden Garden Orphanage was founded in 1998, by Charles and Gigi Le-Morzellec, a French couple residing in the state of Virginia, USA. After seeing the poor conditions and hopeless life of those precious little children in Haiti, the Le-Morzellecs started dreaming of a way to offer those little ones the hope of a better future. Today, this dream is a reality. It has not been an easy path, but with God's help and the generous donations from those who have supported the project thus far, they have dramatically changed the life of many of these children. To be a part of this dream, visit: http://www.edenchildren.info/.

It doesn't take long to see how much Charles loves these kids and how much they love him. At any given time, he will have 2-3 kids on his lap, rubbing his shoulders, holding his hands. He is their Papa and they are thankful for what he's done for them.

Charles and Gigi have given these kids a much better life than what's outside the gates of the orphanage, but they still have so many needs - better drinking water, more bedrooms for the children, mosquito nets, screens on the windows, educators, people to spend time with and love the children, and most of all, people to adopt these beautiful children. The adoption process takes about a year and around $5000. It is a quick trip to Haiti (only 1.5 hrs from Miami) and tickets run around $500.If you are interested, please e-mail us at NewHopeSoS@comcast.net and we can put you in touch with Charles.