Weds Jan. 11, 2012: Day 2

After a good night's rest, we were ready to jump right in and get to work!  Today's solar crew included Allan Rainey & Terri MacGregor of Sonlight Power, Misael Henriquez, Kurt Kesselman, Scott Kramer, Marcel Pichot, Ron Chapman, Dave & Larry Wooster. 9 solar panels were installed on top of the roof above the office at the orphanage.This was the first step in the process,and tomorrow they will start hooking up to the inverter and will hopefully have power! Sean Ryan spent his day engineering and designing new desks for the students at Eden Garden Academy. The desks will seat two students each, and include a space to put some of their school supplies.Currently, our kids sit on old, rickety benches so these new desks will replace some of those.

The medical clinic saw over 100 patients at the clinic on the grounds of the orphanage.  News travels fast and the line of people waiting to be seen by a medical professional grew s quickly. The team mainly saw malaria, parasites, and dehydration. One 18 month old boy came in with H.I.V. and had a variety of issues from that, and consequently will not live for very long. This is sad realization for many mothers in Haiti, which has such a high mortality rate for children under age 5. Tomorrow the medical team will take go on the road and hold a clinic outside in the village of FondPaul, just outside of Montrouis. We ended the night with dinner at the hotel and a re-cap of the day's events, sharing observations and experiences with the team. We stayed and chatted until the dining room closed down, then moved to the outdoor lounge area and visited some more. Then there was that late night karaoke dare between Sean & Dave, but we'll spare you the details on that one.... :o)

 Ron Chapman, Terri MacGregor of Sonlight Power, Scott Kramer and Misael Henriquez with the solar panels that were installed today.
Allan Rainey (of Sonlight Power) and Dave Wooster
Kurt Kesselman and Sean Ryan working on the school desks

The line of people waiting to be seen at the clinic

Mary Speicher working triage at the clinic

This baby was severely dehydrated and got an i.v. line put in.