The medical team drove to a town called Ravine-Seche which was out the direction of the beach where we were on Saturday and beyond. It was quite a ways down a bumpy dirt road in the middle of nowhere. This little village along the water was where we set up our medical clinic today, and saw around 160 patients. Much more malaria and parasitic infections were seen today, which was understandable when we saw the dirty river that people were bathing in and then scooping up the same water to use for cooking and drinking as well.

A Ravine-Seche villager hauling the dirty water that is making his whole village sick

Medical clinic set-up

Glenn making friends

Dr. Rowena Manalo Koh

parasite lesions caused by unclean water have overtaken this little boy's body

The dental team worked out of the orphanage again today, pulling 50 teeth between the 2 dentists.  Many of the exatractions done here, due to the pain, can easily be avoided if proper dental facilities and dentists are available.  And yet many have lined up just to "get rid of the pain". The one common theme from the young to the old is how brave each face the task at hand.  They wait patiently for hours to be seen, stay still through it all, and leave so grateful for such a small gift.

The well team worked again on the water distrbution system at the orphanage today, getting 4 new 500 gallon tanks on the roof to replace the old tanks which were in disrepair. Plumbing and connections were also made from the well drilled in March to the exisiting water station bordering the EGO property.  This water station has 4 showers and sinks which people will be able to use. This station has been abandoned and out of use for about 5 years so we are sure the residents of Montrouis will be happy to have this available to them again.