MONDAY - Medical report

On Monday, the medical team opened up the clinic for the community. The original plan for the day was for the medical team to do an assessment of the medical facility on the campus of EGO and inventory the medicines that are on hand. Every day, people would stand outside of the clinic waiting to be seen, because they knew the “blanc” was in town helping the orphanage (blanc is french for "white"/and is how they refer to the white man). As a result of the great need, our team opened up for business .

The team consists of Dr. Edmundo Justino, a gastroenterologist and internal medicine physician, Nurse Elizabeth Wooster, and Pastor Ann Roda who is also a registered nurse. The morning started with three year old Saman Djine being carried into the clinic with a major burn wound. Burning hot water tipped over her during the middle of the night. She had 2nd degree burns wounds covering about 40% of her body. Elizabeth Wooster cared for the little girl, rubbing Silvadene over her wounds, and bandaging her up to protect her from possible infection. The poor thing just cried and cried through her pain and fear.

104 patients were seen by our group on Monday, including a full-blown AIDS patient and a woman from a refugee camp who was extremely dehydrated to whom they administered I.V. fluids.

*Update: Saman came for a follow up visit on Tuesday and showed some improvement