TUESDAY - Medical Report

On Tuesday, our medical team evaluated all of the children at the orphanage and then saw another 100 patients from the community. The most common issues seen are deydration, malnutrtion, malaria and parasites from unclean drinking water which can manifest themselves in various ways such skin lesions, upset stomachs, etc.

Elizabeth Wooster puts an IV in a 3 week old child who was severely dehydrated with a heart rate of 270 (this is not a typo) and a respiration of 64.


While the medical team was performing triage and performing medical evaluations, there was one person dispensing the meds. Mr. Monty Jacobs – pharmacist extraordinaire met with every patient and gave instructions on how to use the medication they were receiving. An attorney who practices law in Maryland, Jacobs judiciously kept control of the pharmacy, despite his pharmacy assistant, Pastor Rajkumar Dixit who worried some with his own pharmaceutical ability. Both Dixit and Jacobs believe now that all pharmacies in the USA should have a self-check out line.