"Medical Records for E.G.O."

Pastor/Nurse Ann Roda and Klinton Kraft, E.G.O. board chairman

After spending 8 long hours in the sun at a remote clinic, Pastor Ann Roda put her nursing skills aside for a day and worked on some of the admistrative details at Eden Garden.

The S.o.S. team is attempting to develop medical records for each child who lives at the orphangage. During the year, many groups will visit the orphanage and will see children who need medical attention. We are creating medical forms so that the next group visiting can see a chart and follow-up on the medical treatment that was originally dispensed. "We want each of these kids to have an annual check-up," said Ann Roda (who is a pastor at New Hope, but is also a registered nurse) "and make sure they are current on all of their immunizations."

During the afternoon, Pastor Ann began taking pictures of each child and compiling a file with their name, and date of birth. On Sunday , a basic physical exam will be given to each child, so a record is started.

After initiating the medical records, Pastor Ann met with Klinton Kraft, board chair of Eden Garden Orphanage, who is visiting from Georgia to develop a long-term comprehensive health plan for the children of Eden Garden. "This is going to take many years to track each of these kids," Roda commented, "but each of these kids deserve the best care possible."