FRIDAY report from Monty Jacobs

On Friday, March 5, a group from Eden Garden Orphanage traveled to the Adventist Hospital in Port-au-Prince to meet with hospital personnel. A girl, with what was thought to be a serious goiter condition, was taken for evaluation. During our visit, we were able to meet with Andrew Haglund, the temporary hospital administrator from Loma Linda University. We also met with Dr. Leslie Archer, Medical Director and Dr. Scott Nelson, the chief surgeon. We saw a large number of American healthcare workers providing care to the people throughout the hospital. These people are doing a herculean task in light of the needs and logistical challenges that exist to deliver quality care in Port-au-Prince. We were able to deliver some medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies that will be well-used and were highly appreciated.

After leaving the hospital we visited the ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency)offices on the campus of the Adventist University, just up the hill from the hospital. We met with the health coordinator and financial director. They also have huge challenges as they arrange for the sanitation, water and food needs for 20,000+ displaced people who are living in large tent cities on the campus of the Adventist University. The primary school and the women’s dormitory have both been condemned on this campus.

We were also able to meet with Darrell Hardy, Vice President for Latin America for Maranatha Volunteers International. Maranatha is building a 10-foot high perimeter wall around the entire campus that is estimated to be over one mile in circumference. They are also putting up some of the "1-Day church" structures to be used for housing by the medical volunteers at the hospital as well as the workers on the university campus. Maranatha will also be involved in helping reconstruct some of the destroyed and damaged churches throughout Haiti.

The amount of damage throughout the city of Port-au-Prince is hard to imagine. By God’s grace, we hope to be able to help make a small difference for the Haitian people to overcome this tragedy.

Note: After this was written we learned more - The girl's name is Evangelista and her mother died in the earthquake. The medical people believe she has thyroid cancer that has metasticized . S he was turned away in Port-au-Prince because they are not to equipped to help. She is one of many sad stories in this sad place.

Devastation in Port-au-Prince