MONDAY, MAY 25: Building and Dental Teams

The house that the building crew is working on is coming along quite nicely! As much as they wish they could stay to finish the house, they are happy with the several courses of brick they were able to lay in the few days we had here and were pleased to present Charles with a check from New Hope to pay for the completion of the house. The guys had so many helpers today that people outnumbered tools, so they came over to the medical clinic site this afternoon to see how that whole process went.

Our dental team consists of JD & Mischma Brutus and Mischma's cousin from Port-Au-Prince who met us at the airport and joined our team. JD is a dentist in Bowie, and Mischma is a dental hygienist and both happen to be from Haiti. Mischma lived here until she was 11, and JD was born in the U.S. but his parents lived in Haiti before he was born and both of them are fluent in Creole which has been most helpful.

Their work has been challenging in that most people have either never seen a dentist before. Fortunately, Charles has a dental chair at the orphanage, but today in the village, JD saw patients either standing against a brick wall or sitting in a chair we borrowed from the hotel. He estimates that he has pulled about 100 teeth so far, 39 of which were done today. And as we had hoped, he allowed Dave to pull a tooth so that he could make good on a promise he made to New Hope before leaving (See picture above)!